Shear Persuasion Team


Co-Owner/ Advanced Stylist/ J Beverly Hills Educator

Hello and welcome! I am a stylist and co-owner here at Shear Persuasion! I have been in the beauty industry since the age 16, actually working in a salon through high school is how I found my passion for hair. I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else! I love the diversity of my job, something new and different everyday and making connections with my clients. The best part is knowing you’ve made someones day and watching them leave with amazing hair! I love all areas of hair but specialize in colors (especially ombre and balayage) as well as tape in extensions! I strive to take part in hair courses to stay on top of new trends and to provide education for not only myself, but also our staff and our clients. Recently trained in Vancouver to become a J Beverly Hills educator which was an amazing experience!

I am very honoured be part owner to such a beautiful salon with such talented staff and amazing clients. Come in today and spoil yourself, I know you’ll love it here at Shear Persuasion as much as I do!


Co-Owner/ Advanced Stylist/ J Beverly Hills Educator

I am proud to be co-owner and a master hairstylist here at Shear Persuasion. I have been an artist/designer since I can remember, but my true calling was always to become a hair stylist. I have been in the industry for over 13 years . I am devoted to my job because I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great about themselves. I get to meet new people every day and everyone has a different story, wants a different look and I get to help them accomplish it. Understanding my client’s personality and lifestyle helps to create the best look for each individual. I am continually attending classes that allow me to learn the latest trends and styles and bring them back to my clients and my team. Educating my clients on how to take care of their hair is always a top priority for myself and our staff. I am a certified Hot Head extension specialist and to me this is one of the most rewarding services that I have done. It can change a person’s life. Come in and let me or a talented member of my team help you find your Shear Beauty.



Greetings! My name’s Rayelle and I am a certified Red Seal hairstylist. I knew at a young age that I was meant to be a stylist. I’d always cut my dolls hair and practice updo’s on family. I attended cosmetology for the three years of high school. I was top of my Cosmetology class and received an award in honours. I’m very passionate about my job and I love making my clients feel beautiful about themselves inside and out. My favourite services I offer would have to be round brush styling, women’s cuts, colours and waxing! I look forward to having you in my chair!


Esthetician/ Hair Apprentice

Hello, I am Shear Persuasion’s apprentice. Hair has always been a big part of my life. I love the connections I get to build with my clients, and I love making their day better. I am currently apprenticing in hairstyling but I am fully certified in facials, eyelash extensions, waxing, makeup and pedicures! I am very confident and comfortable in the services I offer, even though I am just starting out in the hair industry. I put my best in everything I do which is why I graduated top of my hair class with distinction, and won first place in the fantasy competition the hair school hosts every year. I have been so blessed to have found such a wonderful workplace, with so many amazing and talented ladies. I look forward to building my career here and would love to meet each and everyone of you!


Advanced Stylist

Hello! My name is Tielle Burki and I’m a certified Red Seal hair stylist. I am proud to be the newest member of the Shear Persuasion team! I graduated in 2008 from Delmar College of Hair in Calgary and ever since have excelled in the industry. Hair is my passion and I love making people feel beautiful. Every client of mine is very special to me and there is always something new and exciting to learn about this job. I look forward to meeting you!



Hi my name is Michelle Berg, I provide a variety of professional care from your fabulous feet to your lovely lashes. I am a lash adonis for over 10 years, specializing in classic, volume 2D, 3D, 5D and hybrid lashes that help you stand out in a sleek lash style. I am also a master nail technician for over 19 years in all nail enhancements, and specialize in gel and acrylic nails that complement any type of natural nail. Recently just took my microblading course and am in love with the service! If you have any questions please feel free to approach me!